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A casi 20 años de haberse interpretado a sí mismo en Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Matt Damon se prepara para compartir una vez más pantalla con Kevin Smith y Jason Mewes en una nueva entrega de la saga, con un papel muy especial.

A través de su cuenta de Instagram, Smith confirmó que Matt estará interpretando a Loki, uno de los ángeles que fueron los antagonistas de Dogma, la comedia de 1999 también dirigida por el realizador.

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If you’ve seen the @jayandsilentbob trailer (link in my bio) then you know #mattdamon came back! Matty was part of the fun in #jayandsilentbobstrikeback so when we started #JayAndSilentBobReboot, we reached out to Matt to see if he wanted to return to the scene of the crime. When he confirmed, I started thinking about how to best use good Will Hunting and which role he could play. Then @jenschwalbach suggested “Why don’t you use him as Loki?” I scoffed like a hardcore Kevin Smith fan, replying “I can’t play with Loki. Loki died.” Jen smiled and said “Well it’s a good thing you don’t know the writer, or else you might be able to change your idea.” And just like that, my wife made the movie better. I asked costume designer @ruckusaurus to put together a Loki-looking ensemble, found a church, and broke out my life size Dogma action figure. And with that, I was able to do mini-sequels to *all* my #viewaskew flicks in the middle of #jayandsilentbobreboot! Wanna see how it all comes together? Check out our @fathomevents Sneak Preview screenings on October 15th and 17th or come watch the flick with me and @jaymewes when the @jayandsilentbob Reboot Roadshow hits a theater near you! #KevinSmith #goodwillhunting #90skids #viewaskewniverse

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Esta no sería la primera vez que Damon le da vida a Loki, ya que en Thor: Ragnarok hace a un actor que justamente interpreta al Dios del engaño.

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